The six National Collaborating Centres for Public Health share information with their various networks, and promote knowledge exchange throughout the Canadian public health system. Each NCC maintains a website, produces evidence-informed resources, hosts educational events, and connects people working on similar topics. You can receive news from the NCCs for Public Health in a variety of ways, depending on your preferences.

1) There is a regular newsletter that provides highlights and updates from across the six NCCs. To sign up for this newsletter, click the black "sign-up" button on the right hand side of the screen, and check the first available box. Recent newsletters from the NCC collaborative are linked below:

2) There are also six other newsletters that you can sign up from each individual NCC. Sign up for newsletters from each individual NCC by clicking the black button at the right hand side of the screen. For past editions of individual NCC newsletters, please click the links below. 

3) If you prefer to receive your news through Twitter, be sure to follow these accounts:

@NCCs_lesCCN represents the six NCCs for Public Health

@NCCAH_CCNSA represents the NCC for Aboriginal Health

@NCCEH represents the NCC for Environmental Health

@NCCDH_CCNDS represents the NCC for Determinants of Health

@NCCHPP represents the NCC for Healthy Public Policy

@NCCMT represents the NCC for Methods and Tools

@CentreInfection represents the NCC for Infectious Diseases



For news related to NCC events, check out our collaborative calendar

For more highlights and updates from the NCCs, click here.


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